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This book exceeded my already high expectations. ┬áIf you know of Malala, you may know that she was shot by the Taliban and was an advocate for education. But this books dives deep into Malala’s familial history, where her plight to allow girls the right to an education is beautifully depicted. The reader learns of her strong relationship with her father and the importance of family in times of enduring hardship. My personal favourite part of the book, was the sense of normality among the young girls. Reading twilight books (a teen addiction many young girls can tell you about), with the murderous and oppressive activity going on outside their doorsteps. As well as a fantastic show of passion and resilience, the book is educational. I learnt of the existence of ‘ghost schools’ whereupon funding aimed at building new schools is used elsewhere…creating a host of abandoned like buildings with no facilties. Most children aren’t in schools, they are helping their families at home. Ofcourse this is due to heightened corruption. The book delves into the perspective of a young girl, in a country where when a woman is born, no great celebrations take place, if fact more commiserations. It shows how the district of Swat, Pakistan is slowly taken over by the Taliban, and highlights the ramifications of 9’11 and the ultimate capture of Osama Bin Laden. Despite the constant threat of danger, both Malala and her father continue to attend television interviews, to ensure that their voice is never silenced. Even in times of tremendous danger, Malala continues to attend school and will not let the fear of death get in her way of receiving the education she deserves. Cataclysmically, despite the reduced Taliban numbers in Swat, she is tracked down and shot on her way home from school. Thankfully, due to her incredible international support she is eventually transported to Birmingham, UK to recover from her injuries- where after a lengthy process she survives. READ THIS BOOK. If your faith in humanity is deteriorating, this young woman will show you why you must have courage in your convictions. She shows the power of education, and importantly, why we must fight for it.


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